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The Trees are Screaming...

Far too often, we as human beings take advantage of the trees in the city. We forget that they also are in service for us as a planet, and each other.

Today, I awoke to the sounds of chainsaws cutting down a beloved Maple tree that has been growing for over 30 years with its trunk being about 20-30 inches and height over 50 feet, I am sure. This Maple tree was standing tall, proud, and brought me a smile each day; it did so as I sat on the balcony or looked out the windows of my Centertown apartment. Today, the trees are screaming with grief over the sudden loss of life.

I have lived in this location for over 20 years and loved every moment of watching the trees grow and change the views of the ‘hood. Each day I got to watch the birds sing and raise their families in these trees, along with the squirrels and other friends enjoy the tree as a playground. Each tree reminds me to stay grounded and centred in the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

The trees remind me in times of change to do my level best to go with the flow, and all will be okay. Having so many trees blessing my views gave me a sense of being a kid out on his bike riding through the forest to get to the lake. Trees are like family to me; they each have a unique purpose, structure and view, and yet, all started as a seed and, therefore, similar.

The cutting down of the trees (in the back and on the neighbour’s property) over the last couple of years brings a gentle reminder to us all to appreciate the gift of nature and each other daily. As nature’s curtains are drawn open our views and therefore, our perspectives of what was, changes. We have been granted access to see into other worlds, once masked. A reminder offered to honour the privacy of others and to know we are all in this together, not separate, as we once may have thought.

So on this sad day (for the neighbourhood), I celebrate the gift that trees have brought into my life. I honour all of you, for we are one at the root of life. With this leave you with a gentle reminder that no matter what “trees” may hide your views take time to clear the path and old perspectives so you too can have more light shining into your world. As you do so, open up to the infinite possibilities of the new world view you hold as a soul having a human experience.

I love and appreciate each of you. Thank you for being love in action and for honouring the trees of the world. Make today the day you go out and hug a tree (or ten) in my honour.


Brian D. Calhoun

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