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Co-creation at Its Finest

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

You are a beautiful soul who has the power to manifest anything in life you set your whole mind, heart and belief to. You have the ability to make it your reality; the power lies with you.

Set into motion what you would like to unfold in your life. As you do so, trust in the outcome as you relax, surrender and let go to the power, the will and the love of the divine within you today. Know with all your being, it will manifest somehow even more beautiful then you may expect or believe is possible.

Much like a Baker who blends a list of ingredients to cook together to make a Carrot Cake. Once he has mixed the ingredients, the batter is placed into the cake pans and finally into the oven. A timer is often set, and the Baker goes about other tasks to be completed, such as making the Cream Cheese icing and cleaning up the kitchen.

He surrenders the baking process to something bigger than him that knows how to get the job done. He does not worry about the details of turning batter into edible deliciousness. He knows the cake will be complete when it is ready. He knows that majority of the process happens without his involvement. Sure there are steps and stages to complete along the way. However, he stays excited about the end result (knowing he is one with it already) and just enjoys the passion of being a kitchen chemist.

In the back of the Baker's mind is the belief that soon he will be able to slather the delectable Cream Cheese Icing on after the cake is removed from the oven and pans, believing that the creation will be even better tasting than imagined.

The manifestation process is similar. First you focus your energy on where you wish it to go through your thoughts and words. You add your beliefs and emotions in the mix, and then you surrender the process trusting it will work out the way you imagined. However, because of the human stories and experiences, the outcome is affected by your underlying beliefs and emotions. Change your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and the outcome will also change.

Thankfully, there is a workaround that comes from listening to your divine voice within. When you pay attention and take guided action steps, you end up co-creating with the universe something that is so wonderful, so magnificent, and so tasty that everyone will be able to enjoy it soon enough.

Ultimately, the divine gave you the inspiration and the ingredients for your perfect recipe even before you knew what you would be choosing to make. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the directions given along the way.

Sure, you may make some fine adjustments as you go about the process, but you will stick to the divine plan orchestrated for the most part. Besides, overriding the Divine method never ends out working in our favour. We must have faith and trust in it to create something even more wonderful than we could ever do on our own. We must remember patience is a virtue we are all born with and take it one step at a time, never rushing perfection at any time.

Let today be the day you relax in the knowledge all your wishes, dreams, and desires are in the process of manifestation and coming to fruition. Let go today and let the Divine part of you perfectly handle the arrangements and details of your life. After all, the Divine Baker knows how to make the best desserts? Wouldn’t you agree? I know I sure think so.

In the meantime, know you are eternally loved, supported and always appreciated, for you are the divine blessing that is love, support and appreciation! Hold this in your heart as you go about your day knowing, all unfolding divinely, and follow your heart song.

I love and appreciate each of you.


Brian D. Calhoun

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