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#1 Bestselling Author

International Psychic-Medium

Reiki Master-Teacher

Energy Worker
Teacher & Speaker

Brian D. Calhoun is an international Psychic-Medium, Reiki master, energy worker, inspirational teacher, ordained interfaith minister, and coach raised in the city with the literal heart of gold: Timmins, Ontario. He has dedicated his life to bringing messages of love and light to people worldwide for over 20 years. He now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and services people around the world.

His skill at what he does has meant that he is regularly called upon to contribute to articles, magazines and books on various subjects. He has also released guided meditation CDs and appeared on radio and television.

Brian has a flourishing writing and publishing career and is an International Bestselling Author. His bibliography of published works include:


  • The Gift within the Darkness: Healing Insights, Heartfelt Stories and Techniques to Reconnect after Death

  • Guided by the Light: Following Your Angelic Guides

  • 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments that Changed Everything

  • HALO: Lighting up Heaven on Earth

  • 365 Soulful Messages: The Right Guidance at the Right Time.

He is currently working on finalizing and publishing his latest book: Heavenly Guidance for Daily Living: 365 Daily Inspirations to Heal, Guide and Improve your Quality of Life.

Brian aims to help as many people as possible worldwide to live a connected and heavenly life where all their hopes, aspirations, and dreams become a reality daily. To him, everyone has their own spiritual beliefs, and he asks all to trust in the higher power that is the highest level of God of their understanding while keeping an open mind and heart.

He hopes to one day have his own world-renowned Spiritual Retreat Center where people would go to relax, learn, heal and connect with many International Teachers, Healers and more.

When he has time to himself, Brian enjoys many creative arts, cooking, meditating, walking, spending time in nature and keeping active. He also loves adventure and travel, has swum with wild dolphins in Hawaii, and he is passionate about being involved in community matters, volunteering for various groups whenever he can.

Be sure to follow Brian D. Calhoun through his social media accounts for your daily heavenly guidance, tips and inspiration.

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