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24-Strand DNA Activation

Energy Clearing and Restructuring Session

Energy Balancing and Harmonizing Session

Starseed Healing Session

Unified Chakra Awakening Session


Light (Etheric) Body Energy Clearing and Restructuring Session

As a soul having a human experience, we sometimes pick up energies or hold unto stuff that no longer is serving us at this time; this can be from current or past life experiences.

In this session, Brian (working with the Angels and Guides) will utilize his intuitive gifts to find and remove the energy structures holding the old energies of what no longer serves you in place (both from past and present incarnation and generations). This clearing and restructuring work will be completed on all seven layers of your micro and macro aura fields.

Brian will look to clear and remove the foreign energy or debris, old etheric armour, burnt out crystals, old traumas, reoccurring patterns, negative energies, cords and attachments which you are now ready to release. If these do not get removed eventually they will begin to manifest and interfere with the physical level of our being. These often will show up as reoccurring patterns and habits, energy blocks or drains, aches and pains, emotional upheaval, stress, illnesses, allergies, inflammation, addictions or other dis-eases and symptoms.

When healing has taken place most recipients notice there is physical improvement felt and experienced quickly, as integration of the session takes place. Though, depending on what is being cleared out and how deep the roots are, sometimes multiple sessions will be required to fully clear the problem (like layers of the onion) in gentle ways. Even still, many clients report having felt positive the benefits after just one clearing and restructuring session; this includes seeing positive benefits of having the work done in their life.


Imagine not having to process the same stuff over and over while it is working its way out of your etheric body! This session helps you to just release the energy, free and clear so you can get on with living your best life.

Are you ready to clear the energy of yesterday?

Are you ready to set yourself free of reoccurring patterns and habits and finally move forward?

Are you ready to embrace a life of health, happiness, abundance and joy?

If so, book your 90-minute Light Body Energy Clearing and Restructuring Session with Brian today! 

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $100.00–$200.00)

90 Minute Session - Available In Person (Ottawa)

Note: The Trans-generational Clearing Formula is available at an additional cost of $25.00 to support you further on all levels; this is recommended but not a requirement. Ask Brian for more details on this special flower essence elixir.


Light (Etheric) Body Energy Balancing and Harmonizing Session

As a soul having a physical experience, we sometimes need a little extra assistance with maintaining balance in our body, mind, spirit and emotions, along with our external relationships.

In this session, Brian will work with the Angels and Guides and energy protocols to assist your light body with coming into harmony and balance on all levels.

To support your overall health, balance and harmony of body, mind, spirit, emotions and life. This session will start with your crown chakra and will include a cap removal (if this energy centre has been blocked or closed off in some way). After this, Brian will proceed to check-in and balance your elemental lines, central core, magnetic lines, and other energy balancing will take place.

To support greater health and harmony in your overall relationships all karmic cords and matrixes will be removed; this will help to clear inherit patterns, behaviours and beliefs. In this, you will be able to move forth without the need to continue to process the consequences of the karmic ties. Many times, back pain and problems are often tied to karmic cords and therefore, the clearing of karmic matrixes over time can bring greater ease to the body, mind and emotions.

To support your ability to manifest and meditate more effectively, Brian will also look at the energy structures (aka your 16 lotus petals) of your elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. In doing so, he (along with your Angels & Guides) will open, rebuild, repair, and align these structures as required within the etheric body. Having your petals balanced will allow you to carry greater light and have increased flow, access and alignment in life; this, in turn, will raise your vibrations for the purposes of healing and enlightenment, and transformation of your life to the next level.

Are you ready for the next level of balance, harmony and light in your life?

If so, make today the day you book your 60-90-minute Light Body Energy Balancing and Harmonizing Session with Brian.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $100.00–$200.00)

60-90 Minute Session - Available In Person (Ottawa)

Note: The Trans-generational Clearing Formula is available at an additional cost of $25.00 to support you further on all levels; this is recommended but not a requirement. Ask Brian for more details on this special flower essence elixir.

Starseed Healing

In this session, you will feel transported into another world where your heart and soul are singing in harmony.

Together, the energy of crystals, colour therapy, light, tuning forks and chimes come together to cleanse, balance, heal and realign the energies and vibrations of the body using the harmonic frequencies of the tools combined. This in turn will reorganize the energy vibrations surrounding the human body affected daily with a more positive light.

This is a wonderful way to support any activation or post etheric surgery that you may have had completed. This healing is very calming. It can be especially helpful when you have been doing emotional release work or when you are in the middle of an intensely emotional process.

Some other benefits include:

  • Will assist you in cleaning out mind clutter,

  • Adjusts and balances your chakras, as well as your etheric aura energies,

  • Assists in boosting your energy to ease addictions, depression, anxiety, and help you with your day-to-day life.

  • Connects you to all livings, in a universal and galactic way

  • It connects you in a Galactic way to all living things.


Take 30 minutes of your time for an energetic sound bath today; you certainly deserve this and better. Book your Starseed Service today and feel your vibrations shifting upward as you relax into the frequency of your soul.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $50.00-$75.00)

30 Minute Session - Available In Person (Ottawa)


Unified Chakra Awakening

With our evolving planet and human infrastructure our energy systems are also being upgraded. The birth and activation of the new humankind are causing our old Chakra systems to rise to a higher level in the upper soul region; as such, it is time to activate the entire 2418 chakra system.

In this session, through gentle tactile stimulation over various central points, your whole chakra system is turned on. This chakra system has always been a part of our original divine blueprint, and thus always been a part of our pure potential.

This awakening allows you to connect deeper within the DNA, the collective consciousness of humanity and the Christ consciousness. Through this session you are essentially unifying and connecting the physical and light body’s energy as one!

The Unified Chakra Awakening can lead you to an increased spiritual awareness; peace of mind; 


healing energy; an awakened soul system and increase of light! Not only this, but you are connected through this activation to your Universal Galactic Self! This awakening can be compared to a dimly light Christmas tree to one that is brightly light and in full colour!

Everyone can benefit from their chakra systems coming online fully. Book your 30 minute awakening session today, and let’s light up your chakra system.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $50.00-$75.00)

30 Minute Session - Available In Person (Ottawa)

Note: The Unified Chakra Awakening can be combined with the Starseed Healing Session.

24-Strand DNA Activation

We are all more than our physical bodies and the DNA is essentially an electronic storage device coded in love and light. Our DNA holds the key to our unique blueprint as a soul having a human experience including all the information about everything since the incarnation of your soul, including your spiritual gifts, lineage, life purpose and so much more. But the DNA is more than all this; it is the blueprint of us as a Divine Being!

The 24-Strand DNA activation activates, empowers and clears the strands so that they can carry more of your divine light and energy.

Archangel Metatron (who oversees this work) says some benefits of this activation work includes:

  • Assists you in bringing in and holding more light in your physical body

  • Empowers to you maximize your unrealized talents, abilities and potential

  • Brings you more energy and clarity

  • Assists in strengthening your Immune system

  • Aids you in releasing and clearing unconscious patterns no longer servicing you

  • Increases the use of your brain for your everyday “muggle” life

  • Allows the greatest potential for you to integrate your Higher Self for full connection

  • Facilitates the clearing of

  • Allows for clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns (both past ancestors and present familiar lineages)


Your body has a consciousness of its own and it needs your cooperation as it moves through the many changes that lie ahead. This tool of empowerment will assist your body and your consciousness in integrating the light, as well as evolving into your full potential quickly and peacefully.

This activation is a tremendous gift that will assist you in your own healing process at deep levels. The genetic structure is activated, empowered, and at times altered.

Further Benefits of the DNA Activation

This increase in Light within your body is specifically focused to create the Physical Side of Ascension. Remember, the potential of light manifesting within the physical body is limitless! Anything that is called a "manifestation of Light" will be the result. Light manifests differently in each person.

We cannot tell you specifically what it will do for you. Generally result of the activation is: The Gifts of the Spirit which you are born with will be brought to full empowerment; your intellectual and creative gifts will be amplified; your ability to manifest will develop; you will awaken to your birthright of Divine Connection and more.

Now who doesn’t need or want some of these benefits for their life? If you are one who does, take action by contacting me today. Let’s get you all scheduled in to have your DNA coding activated today! Total investment time is 90 minutes including consultation time and activation.

The 24-Strand DNA Activation is an once-in-a-lifetime procedure. It never needs to be done again, though you may prefer to have a periodic “tune-up” to facilitate the integration process.  

COST of Service:  

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $100.00-200.00 includes Elixir Set (Value $50.00 - see note below))


Archangel Metatron recommends two elixirs of Antimony for this DNA service: Antimony Purificato for removing cellular toxins from the body, and Antimony Crystalis for removing toxins arising from the process of genetic debris. You will receive one set to take home with you to use externally in the AM and PM periods of each day.

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