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Angel Parties

Angelic Sacred House Clearing & Blessings Ceremony

Spiritual Life Coaching

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Girls' Night Out

Angel Parties - Virtual and In-Person

Angel Parties are a fun and unique way to add to bring a little of the Heavenly Realms to your guests at the next social gathering. While everyone is socializing and having a good time, Brian will give short 20-minute private readings to each of the attendees at the party.


Just like any gathering, you provide the guests, beverages (food), location, and fun. While Brian will connect with everyone’s Angels and deliver the messages of Heaven in response to your guest’s questions. Whether people are seeking answers on their career, finances, relationships, who are their guardian angels, or even a connection to Heaven requested, you can be sure Spirit will channel the message of love and light for the purpose of healing and enlightenment through Brian.


What are you waiting for? Open your heart, mind and home to the love of the Angels and book your party with Brian today!



NOTE: A minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 people are required to host an in-person Angel Party! Everyone will receive a reading!

Virtual Angel Parties are now available. Invite 5-15 of your closest friends for readings. Each person can connect to the video call from the comfort of their own homes. Come together as you celebrate the messages that come forth each person, and for the group as a whole. 

Out-of-Town Parties are subject to a travel fee. A deposit required within 1 week of booking your angel party to secure date (Refundable at time of party).

$40.00 per Party Guest
Brian will donate $5.00 per guest donated to local Food Bank.

Spiritual Life Coaching


Brian’s Spiritual Life Coaching style integrates intuitive guidance, professional insight and techniques to assist his clients and students to transcend life’s experiences. In doing so, soulful solutions, deeper connections and a higher quality of life unfolds for the soul having a human experience.

Drawing from his vast range of teachings, connection with the spiritual realm and life experiences, Brian provides a simple, down-to-earth style of guiding those who choose to work with him. One may think of him as an Angel Guide as he empowers people to step into their power, helps them uncover their life purpose, and tap into their unique skills and talents just like the angels.

Coaching is available for all areas of life, including life purpose, relationships, career or personal goals. As a medium, Brian’s specialty includes helping people heal after a loss and process their grief through the connection with Spirit.

It’s time for you to move up in the world and to live a happy, prosperous and abundant life. You don't need to do this alone, as a guide Brian is here to help you. After all, you deserve to live a life on path 


and purpose. You deserve to feel the love and support in your life. You deserve to be connected, to understand and live a soulful life. In fact, you deserve better in all areas of life! Or at least Brian thinks you do!

If you agree with him, make today the day you book your discovery appointment today with Brian. Together, the best course of action can be set forth.


A short or long-term package can be tailored to meet your needs, desires and budget.

$100.00 CAN - Discovery Appointment
1 Hour - Available In Person (Ottawa), Video or Telephone
Multiple Session Prepaid Packages Available
3 Sessions - $277.00
5 Sessions - $444.00 
10 sessions Packages Available - $888.00

Angelic Sacred House Clearing & Blessing Ceremony


House got your down? 

Feeling like something needs to shift?

Are you finding your energy is low? Irritable? Angry? 

Is there is weird energy or disharmony in your home or office environment lately?

Or, you are starting a new phase or journey in your life (including selling and moving your home)?


You could be due for an Angelic Space Clearing & Blessings Ceremony.

Throughout centuries the ancient art of smudging has been used to create harmony, balance and peace. Many native tribes would use a sacred herbal blend and smoke to clear. In more recent years, other techniques which include prayer, incense, crystals, liquid smudge and music are utilized.


All religions have their way of purification, creating and blessing a sacred space, such as your home, office or even your own auric field. It is particularly helpful when we wish to clear the negative, old, worn, stuck, and stagnant energies or what no longer serves us. A Sacred Clearing and Blessing Ceremony is often common practice when selling a home, moving into a new home, or taking on a new challenge, such as new job, relationship or life stage.


There is no limitation how often you should cleanse and bless your space. Whenever you feel the need, it is time to arrange for an Angelic Sacred Cleanse and Blessing Ceremony with Brian.


Brian will work together with you and your family to create the perfect ritual for your beliefs, intentions and wishes for your sacred ceremony. Then together we shall come together to clear, purify, transmute and bless the space with love, light, success, wealth, excellent health, happiness and harmony for all. Any ghosts and other beings will be be guided to the light for their own progress and prosperity throughout the ceremony.

All home and business cleanses and blessings will also include energetic sealing of the space afterwards to further protect and bless your location with the Angels and higher divine light. 

It's time your space energetically goes from from dark and dingy to light and airy!

Book your Angelic Sacred Cleanse and Blessings Ceremony today with Brian.  Your soul, clients and family will thank you! 


Serving the Ottawa and Surrounding Areas.

Total Investment

Cost: $200.00 for first 90 minutes, and then $25 per half hour afterwards.

Time: 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of space and requirements.

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