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Angel Readings

Mediumship Readings

Your Personal 12-Month Forecast Session Package


Intuitive-Psychic Readings


These readings offer you an opportunity to connect and communicate with your Guardian Angels & Spiritual Guides through Brian's gifts of Psychic-Mediumship and tools, such as Oracle Cards or Crystals.


During your session, Brian will utilize his psychic and mediumship gifts to deliver messages of love and light for the purposes of healing and enlightenment to you. Find out what the future holds for you regarding your finances, career, health, relationships, purpose, past lives and anything else you wish to ask about. Get the clarity, healing and guidance to help you make the decisions best your soul evolution and life path.


Discover what your Angels and Guides have to share today in a reading sure to empower, energize and uplift you. What are you waiting for? Book your session with Brian today!

$100.00 CAN
1 Hour Session - Available In Person (Ottawa), Skype/Zoom or Telephone
1 person attending - each extra person sitting in same session is $40.00
Also Available
1/2 Hour Follow-up Session (booked within 1-month of original reading) - $ 60.00
1/2 Hour Audio Recorded Readings (up to 4 simple questions via email) - $ 60.00
1 or 2 Question Email Reading - $ 30.00
Intuitive-Psychic Readings
Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Sessions


In this reading, Brian will open the door to the Spiritual Realm for you to connect and have a 2-way conversation with your Heavenly Loved Ones.


You will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive closure, healing and enlightenment on the topics that weigh on your mind and heart. Your loved ones will deliver proof and validation they are still indeed very much alive and participating in your life after death. Discover what they have learned since they have transitioned into heaven and their messages for those left behind.


Let today be the day you call upon Brian to be your G/uide and bridge for Spirit as he delivers the messages from heaven to you today! What are you waiting for? Heaven is waiting for your call now.

$ 100.00 CAN
1 Hour Session - Available In Person (Ottawa), Skype/Zoom or Telephone
1 person attending - each extra person sitting in same session is $40.00
Follow-up Sessions
1/2 Hour Follow-up Session (booked within 1-month of original reading) - $ 60.00
Personal Year Forecast

Your Personal 12-Month Forecast Session Package

Ever wish you had a crystal ball (or a Magic 8 ball) into the future? Or do you want to know how you could navigate the waters ahead and avoid the pitfalls? This session is your opportunity to receive the insights and answers you seek to help you do just that.

In this special session, Psychic-Medium Brian D. Calhoun will connect with your Guardian Angels and Guides to deliver healing and enlightenment to assist you along your life’s pathways. Included In this report is:

  • An overview of your year theme,

  • A short personalized meditation,

  • And general overview, including insights and guidance into each of the following 12-months.

But before we move forward, Brian will give you a look into one of your past lives. In doing so, you will discover something about your soul’s history and how it is influencing your current lifetime.

Not the start of the New Year? Middle of the Year? No worries, we have your back. You can order your forecast at any point throughout the year for the next 12-month cycle beginning with the next month.

Order your forecast and step into the power of being the CEO of your life today. You deserve to be in the driver’s seat of your life.


Your 75 minute audio session will be delivered as two Mp3 files. One is your Personal Year Forecast with Mini Past Life Reading, and the other is your personalized meditation file. You can expect your results delivered within 96 hours to your inbox.

$ 125.00 CAN
75 Minute Session - Available in Digital Audio Format delivered to your email.

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