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Client Testimonials

I have been consulting Brian on a regular basis for about three years now. He has been an important source of inspiration for me. I always feel motivated after a session with Brian.


The tools he has provided me to move forward have worked to my benefit both at work and in my relationships. Sometimes the information he has provided me does not make sense at the time, but events follow and what he told me then makes total sense. He has told me desired outcomes during periods of uncertainty for me and those outcomes revealed themselves in wonderful ways and in ways that were better than I had imagined.


At other times, Brian has told me things that I do not want to hear, but which I know to be intuitively correct. Once again, the delivery of these kinds of messages, while matter-of-fact, are conveyed in a positive manner. The information I receive from Brian is considered in context, of course, as I may have more details or general information at times to inform me about which path to follow. I must say, though, that he has been uncannily accurate on several occasions increasing my confidence in his abilities.


Thanks Brian for your assistance during my times of confusion. I look forward to future sessions and celebrating the results of our work.  Best wishes.

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Carol, NB

"Brian delivers the messages of heaven in a very down to earth and practical way. His kind, compassionate and loving ways helped me through my grieving period after the loss of a close relative. I walked away feeling lighter and with answers to my questions. I highly recommend Brian for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one."

Amy T., Chicago - US


"I have had a couple of sessions with Brian, he came into my life when I needed help in finding my way.  Brian has helped me to turn around my life and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is truly a Compassionate Angel one that I know can help you as well."

Jeanne - Chicago, IL 

"Working with Brian has been a wonderful experience. I have learned something new each time and always leave his sessions with new tools and knowledge to help me stay on my path. Thank you Brian for helping me live my life fully.”

Michelle, NSW -Australia

I loved my session with Brian. He was able to connect with my beloved son Adam and even had his verbage down. Adam was very funny and his humor came out on several times. The session gave me a real spiritual understanding as to why my son died by suicide. All in all, it gave me strength and wisdom, from a different higher realm perspective.

I highly recommend working with Brian. He is a wonderful soul and human being with a lot of compassion and concern for people, their purpose and humanity!.

Margaret Maier, Ottawa

"A few years ago, a couple of colleagues spoke highly of a gifted psychic-medium/intuitive named Brian. Having had varied prior experience with spiritual practitioners over many years, I knew during my first visit that he was the "real deal." Since then, through Brian, I have received much beneficial divine guidance, and recently, proficient mentoring in Reiki. I have also referred numerous people to Brian and all have said that he helped them to gain insight and feel peace with their life's experiences. Thank you, Brian."

Lee  D., Ottawa

"When I first heard about Reiki, I thought it was a wonderful concept. The healing of body, mind and soul towards a harmonious balance of the whole being.  Healing without medication, psychotherapy or sermon.  Too good to be true? I waited 3 years to find out.

I was instructed to lay down on the massage table, fully clothed and to be receptive with an open mind. Brian then proceeded to send his energy to me at which time I felt heat come through his hands (like a sunlight would give) on my face and progressively over my whole body. My mind took a pause from any types of worries and my thoughts went from relaxing to relaxed. I actually felt so secure and at peace that I fell asleep for a few minutes.

When I woke up, the ankle that had been bothering me felt just fine and the stress I seemed to have carried forever on my shoulders had lifted. The nicest is that the helplessness I had felt in many aspects of my life for many years has been replaced by my original problem solving attitude and a stronger determination to achieve this.

The only question that remains is: Why did I wait so long?"

Pierrette T., Ottawa

"Brian has accurate psychic and medium abilities - very helpful!


He is also a positive, spiritual coach who provides many ideas to make gentle and positive changes in one's life. His advice is encouraging and easy to act upon. He is at once realistic and motivational. He helped put my mind at ease immediately with practical guidance from the angels and spiritual guides.


He is knowledgeable about all kinds of new age domains and ancient wisdoms and he shares his wealth of knowledge without hesitation in his private readings and through the interesting courses he offers. I got a lot out of both. I'm much more in touch with my own intuition now. I will definitely go back to Brian."

Rachelle, Ottawa

I have had a few sessions with Brian and I resonate with his compassion, insight and inspiration.  I highly recommend Brian for a one time reading or better yet for ongoing work as needed for issues and opportunities throughout the full spectrum of your life.  Brian is compassionate, insightful, kind, informative and very comfortable to work with. Much love and blessings for all!"

Jen M, England

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