Client Testimonials

"Brian delivers the messages of heaven in a very down to earth and practical way. His kind, compassionate and loving ways helped me through my grieving period after the loss of a close relative. I walked away feeling lighter and with answers to my questions. I highly recommend Brian for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one."

Amy T., Chicago - US

"Brian is a very gifted psychic-medium, and I don’t say that lightly. Having experienced many over the years I can say with total confidence, he is the real thing. 

I came to him to connect with my partner Jason, after his death, and Brian connected with him. Throughout the entire session, I could feel my love with me. Brian would say things or move his body in such I way I knew it was him who was communicating with me. Brian told me how Jason died and other details that I hadn’t shared which confirmed the connection.

Throughout the reading, I was able to have a 2-way conversation with Jason with Brian serving as a bridge between us. I truly felt connected and blessed to receive insights and answers that have helped me to move on. I now know without a doubt that I am never alone and that Jason wants me to move on in my life.

I highly recommend Brian for anyone who is needing to talk with someone in heaven. He helped me more than words can say, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and alive once again! He has handed me my life back and helped to heal my broken heart.

I will always miss Jason as he is the love of my life, but, I know he walks with me each day. I am so grateful to Brian for helping me communicate with him."

Jennifer J., Toronto

"When I first heard about Reiki, I thought it was a wonderful concept. The healing of body, mind and soul towards a harmonious balance of the whole being.  Healing without medication, psychotherapy or sermon.  Too good to be true? I waited 3 years to find out.

I was instructed to lay down on the massage table, fully clothed and to be receptive with an open mind. Brian then proceeded to send his energy to me at which time I felt heat come through his hands (like a sunlight would give) on my face and progressively over my whole body. My mind took a pause from any types of worries and my thoughts went from relaxing to relaxed. I actually felt so secure and at peace that I fell asleep for a few minutes.

When I woke up, the ankle that had been bothering me felt just fine and the stress I seemed to have carried forever on my shoulders had lifted. The nicest is that the helplessness I had felt in many aspects of my life for many years has been replaced by my original problem solving attitude and a stronger determination to achieve this.

The only question that remains is: Why did I wait so long?"

Pierrette T., Ottawa

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