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When my daughter was born 7 years ago, i really felt lost, as i was not living for myself anymore. I was living for her. I was in the middle of transition, as i had just started my career in the federal government and i was gaining success in my acting career.  


I had turned to Brian Calhoun for guidance. When I first came to Brian, I was lost, confused and didn’t know where I was going. But ever since that first session you have helped me gain insight into some of my life challenges, understand my life purpose and mission, and I have a better universal perspective. I can’t thank Brian enough, and look forward to what Spirit shares with me next.

J. Rodger., Ottawa

"Brian is a very gifted psychic-medium, and I don’t say that lightly. Having experienced many over the years I can say with total confidence, he is the real thing. 

I came to him to connect with my partner Jason, after his death, and Brian connected with him. Throughout the entire session, I could feel my love with me. Brian would say things or move his body in such I way I knew it was him who was communicating with me. Brian told me how Jason died and other details that I hadn’t shared which confirmed the connection.

Throughout the reading, I was able to have a 2-way conversation with Jason with Brian serving as a bridge between us. I truly felt connected and blessed to receive insights and answers that have helped me to move on. I now know without a doubt that I am never alone and that Jason wants me to move on in my life.

I highly recommend Brian for anyone who is needing to talk with someone in heaven. He helped me more than words can say, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and alive once again! He has handed me my life back and helped to heal my broken heart.

I will always miss Jason as he is the love of my life, but, I know he walks with me each day. I am so grateful to Brian for helping me communicate with him."

Jennifer J., Toronto, ON

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for my Personal Year Forecast, mini Past Life Reading, and Personalized Meditation.

The related past life is really in line with my strength! It explains a lot of my current life experiences and encounters.

I look forward to this wonderful year ahead. The monthly guidance will be a powerful tool to assist me while I navigate the year ahead, to ensure I stay on track to meet all the upcoming blessings! Angels had already started to guide me into taking some if these necessary steps to initiate the required changes.

May others trust this process and benefit from your Divine wisdom and guidance.

My partner recommended Brian to me after she had a chakra energy treatment with him. She knew I had been feeling stuck and lost and thought having the Chakra Clearing and Illumination treatment would assist me in moving forward. Boy did it ever.


Within a day, I was feeling inspired and motivated once again. I had been procrastinating on a couple of projects, and after the session with Brian was moving forward. I have seen Brian since for a reading and some other energy work (both in person and distantly), also. Each time, feeling lighten than at the start of the session.


I highly recommend him if you are feeling stuck, confused and lost. He will help turn the light on and get you moving forward in the right direction. I know he did for me. Thank you, Brian.

Luc, Gatineau, Quebec

Brian D. Calhoun

Louise L. Vars, ON

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