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Chakra Clearing, Activation and Illumination Process

Healing Breakthrough Service

Reiki with the Angels

Soul Retrieval

Traditional Reiki

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Clearing, Activation and Illumination Process

Are you down, in a bad mood or in a funk? Feeling low in energy? Feeling out of sync? Stuck? Blocked?Having trouble focusing or making decisions? Attracting negative people or situations? Having problems financially? Feeling or experiencing dis-ease, aches and pains in the body?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are your Chakras (energy centers) are out of balance, heavy and dense.

Chakras regulate the flow of energy from the Divine in and through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and back out into the universe. If one or more of these centers are out of alignment, one can have problems in any and all aspects of life.


Chakra balancing assists us in responding to life’s events positively and helpfully which helps us in navigating through our day-to-day experiences.

Some issues that Chakra clearing, activation and illumination process can help may include:

  • Financial matters (including career, money and manifesting problems)

  • When you are feeling stuck, blocked or stagnant

  • Life Purpose

  • Mother/Father Issues

  • Stepping or standing in your power

  • Relationship challenges (love, romantic and other forms of relationships)

  • Clearing emotional baggage

  • Low self-esteem, or lack of confidence and other emotional problems

  • When you are going through an intense spiritual & Intuitive awakening

  • And More


In this 30-minute session, Brian will call upon your spiritual support crew and the angels to assist him to clear, harmonize, activate and illuminate all your energy centers from Earth to Star Chakras so that you can carry more of your source essence and light. 


Book session today to receive the healing and enlightenment your energy centers are calling for.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $60.00+)

30-Minute Session 

Available In Person (Ottawa)

Absentee (Distance) Session in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki with the Angels

An Intuitive Healing Experience

This 1-hour session is an excellent opportunity to receive the balancing, clearing, healing & aligning of your body, mind, spirit & emotions through therapeutic hand placements, guided prayer and meditation.


Allowing the life force energy to flow through you, Brian will call in your Guardian Angels, Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters and the Archangels to assist. This intuitively guided treatment will utilize various healing tools, prayers and visualization techniques based on your goals and intentions set forth for your session.


If you have been feeling stuck, stagnant, blocked, or drained this session can help clear, re-energize, rejuvenate and reconnect you to the path of your soul today! It is time to nurture your soul and free yourself of what no longer serves you. You deserve to be free to walk through the doors of opportunity which await you.


Your spiritual support crew waits to bless you with the gift of healing, enlightenment and relaxation. Book your session with Brian today.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $100.00+)

60 Minute Session

Available In Person (Ottawa)

Absentee (Distance) Session in the comfort of your home.

Female patient lying with eyes closed an
Reiki with the Angels
Reiki Treatment

Traditional Reiki

Reiki is a gentle energy treatment that aids you in returning to a state of health, balance and alignment with your soul.

Reiki works to clear the root cause of the symptoms of dis-ease on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of the receiver. Some other benefits of Reiki include relieving stress, clearing energy blocks, balancing your chakras, healing and awakening you to the highest version of you. Reiki facilitates in the adopting of a holistic and spiritual perspective to the issues being faced.

In this 1-hour session, Brian will have you lay clothed on a massage table and close your eyes. Soft music will play in the background to help you relax into a receptive state of being. You are sure to feel lighter, calm, centered and relaxed after a full hour session.

You deserve to be divinely blessed by the Universal Life Force Energy also known as Reiki! Schedule your self-care appointment with Brian today.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $60.00-$100.00+)

30 or 60 Minute Session

Available In Person (Ottawa)

Absentee (Distance) Session in the comfort of your home.

Traditional Reiki
Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

We are souls having human experiences. And, sometimes, the human experience can become so intense, stressful, and traumatic, or filled with shock, violence and death, that we fragment from a part of our soul.

Soul loss can occur with abuse of any form, including physical, mental, emotional or sexual; it can happen through addictions, out-of-body or near-death experiences, car accidents, and unhealthy relationships (where one loses their personal power). Seeing someone die unexpectedly or being forced to go against your will or morals can cause soul separation to occur. Soul loss can also be experienced during periods of prolonged pain, grief, and even fear.


Some common symptoms of soul loss are:

  • You are plagued by consistent fear or anxieties

  • Strong periods of depression

  • Feel like a part of you is missing

  • Difficulty overcoming certain issues or patterns in your life

  • Experiencing long periods of insomnia

  • Feel lost, alone and uncertain about your life purpose

  • Feel like you’re not in control of yourself or your life


In this session, Brian will track, recover and reconnect you with your lost soul fragment(s) through a simple (but powerful) shamanic journey. Through this journey he will validate the essence of the chain of events connected to the loss of this part of you. He will then retrieve your soul essence (and the quality it holds) from a previous joyful time of your life, before any separation took place and restore connection within you.

In turn, soul loss can cause us serious and rippling problems in our health, relationships, finances, and even in other ways (both small and big).

The good news is as we heal, we begin to reclaim those lost soul pieces, little by little. However, sometimes, we need someone else to help us gather those pieces; this is especially the case with those soul fragments we didn’t even know we lost. When this happens, we may block out specific memories related to the "traumas" we experienced, or shift our personalities without even realizing it, as a way to cope with the soul fragmentation.


Once reconnected, you will able to reintegrate gently (and easily) your wholeness and heal from the loss without a need to process the dynamics related to the loss further. As you do, profound healing in surprising ways for you and your life can take place on all levels of your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Every journey is unique and special as the next, just like you! Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly what healing or number of soul part(s) will be recovered for you; this is part of the mystery and magic of the session. However, you can rest assured it will be highly beneficial and perfect for you and your life. Brian will share what is discovered and recovered for you.

We all have moments of high stress, shock, trauma and death in our lives, and therefore, we may all have soul part(s) ready to be retrieved. Why not discover, recover and reconnect with yours today?

Book your 60-minute Soul Retrieval Session with Brian today! After all, you deserve to be whole and live life fully! You deserve to live a life with more joy, feelings of belonging, well-being and lightness!

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $100.00+)

60 Minute Session

Available In Person (Ottawa),

Absentee (Distance) Session in the comfort of your home with Telephone/Zoom follow-up to discuss results and soul integration.

Healing Breakthrough Service

Healing Breakthrough Service

In this 90 minute session, Brian will be guided by the Angels to assist you for your highest good in releasing what no longer serves you and your path.


While you are laying on a massage table receiving an energy treatment, Brian will ask you a series of questions to locate, heal, and release the root cause which has kept you stuck in a pattern of some sort. The issue may be rooted in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body and as the session unfolds, it will be brought up and cleared.

It is very much like a tune into your body’s cellular memory to gain an understanding of something and and then to flush the system so you can be cleared moving forth. By coming with an open mind and heart, the process is completed with greater ease for your highest good. 

Let's give you an example: 


A client came to Brian complaining of a reoccurring stomach pain spontaneously which felt like "someone punched her in the gut.” She asked Brian to do some Reiki on her. As her started giving her the energetic treatment, he felt the call to have her start to go into the feeling of the sensation while asking intuitively guided questions.


As she lay back relaxed on the massage table receiving the energy treatment and answering the questions asked of her, the root cause came to light. She recognized she felt invisible her entire life, especially with certain people.


Every time someone would visit her home they would be welcomed by her and moments later they were engaged in conversations with other members of the household. For her, the experience would be like she wasn’t anything but an invisible servant in her home; something she had lived in previous lifetimes.


Within 24 hours of her session, she found herself finally being seen, heard and acknowledged by everyone. This continues to this day. In fact, after her session, her whole life changed for the better in healthy ways! Talk about a healing breakthrough!


Having read about this client’s session, are you ready for your own personal healing breakthrough? If so, what are you waiting for? Book your session with Brian today to free yourself to live life fully.

Heartfelt Donation Based (Suggested Donation $100.00+)

60-90 Minute Session

Available In Person (Ottawa), through Skype/Zoom Video or via Telephone

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