Living Grief is HELL

Updated: Jul 1

Most of us have experienced loss and the accompanying grief in our lives, at some point in life. Death shows up in variety of ways, including the loss of relationships, health, careers, loss of hopes (and dreams) and in many other forms. One of the hardest griefs we can face in life is “living grief.” Of course, grieving a child is one of the worst losses anyone can experience, next to watching a loved one close the gap on death.

Living grief starts gently, but it quickly turns to torture for those experiencing it as time goes on. As it eats away at the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all, the constant prayer is for the heavenly realms to come and take their loved one suffering home.

Living grief is heavy, dark, and an emotional roller coaster for those inflicted, both those experiencing the decline of their loved one’s health and for the souls leaving the physical world. The earlier days are the perfect time to ask your loved ones the questions on your mind and heart, before it is too late. Sharing their stories and information requested will help them focus on being of service to you; this, in turn, will help them get their mind off their pain and dying, even if it is just for a moment.

As the days go by and the process continues, the dying become trapped in their minds, bodies, and even heart. The emotions are felt but often roll down down their face as tears; no longer are they able to express their words any longer as the end nears and their mind (and body) begins to fail them. One day, we too, will experience this, as our loved ones grief our deteriorating health as prepare to make the final journey home.

The living going through grief often feel helpless, alone and so far in the dark they don’t know if they can handle or make it through. However, Spirit reminds all that you got this, and as tough as it is, you have the strength and endurance to make it to the end of the tunnel.

With the dying opening to Spirit, they begin to be visited by the heavenly realms, often causing them fear and concern for their earthly friends and family. The calls to heaven continue, and heaven is right there with all to provide support, wipe the tears and comfort those in their time of need. However, many times the grief is so overwhelming the earthly realm can’t feel heaven’s presence and often think no one is answering, which is the farthest from the truth. This is just as true for those living as it is for the souls crossing over.

Rest assured, heaven is always aware, watching over and walking beside their Earthbound friends and family. This is especially true when someone is coming to the end of their life. Everyone deserves support along the way, and heaven is always here doing just that. Whether you are conscious or not of this heavenly support, rest assured this is always the case.

Free will causes all light beings to act appropriately according to the will of all involved and to only intervene when asked. Heaven assures you they hear you always. However, even they can’t interfere with or stop the process of dying. Only God has this power. Sacred Soul Contracts, free will and other things are a part of the equation in all unfolding or doesn’t happen.

Does it make it easier for heaven to watch you or your loved one suffering at this critical junction point? Not at all. They feel as you feel and wipe tears of love from all. Through their crossing over, they can appreciate the complete process, now fully understanding the whole truth. Heaven understands both sides of the coin and how all are feeling to a degree in the situation.

The trauma that comes with living grief often does lift once the loved one returns home, and the process of grief can progress forth to a better place. However, for some individuals who watched their loved one “dying,” this trauma can become stuck in their body and the emotions associated frozen in time. The stuck and frozen energy is just one reason one needs to take the time to process, allow and seek help in the grieving (and healing) process. Lovingly and gently allow yourself the time you need; there is no need to rush.

At the time of death, the humans left behind begin to continue the Earth journey, holding a double-edged sword. On one side, they are at peace and have found relief now that their loved one has crossed over, and on the other side, they often feel guilty they feel such joy in this soul’s transition. Their journey of living grief has ended, yet