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The Relationships of your Dreams are Possible

Someone once said: "Stop giving 100% to those that only give you 50%".

Healthy and balanced relationships are something we all deserve and should encourage in all areas of our life. However, many times one partner will give more than receiving back. This mainly happens in our romantic relationships and also those at work.

Sometimes, due to the foundations that we laid at the start of the relationship, we may need to start anew. Rebuilding the foundations in our current relationships can take time, much like when one is rebuilding the foundation on a house. We need to dig around and fix the cracks, before strengthening and refilling the ground around the home.

In order to equalize a situation or relationship, we sometimes need to step back for them to step into their power and to raise the standards of our relationship to an equal place. By giving 100% all the time and not getting the same back is draining, irritating and frustrating to us. This only leads us to begin to resent the person and situation that is playing out, and that leads us down a deep dark tunnel.

However, when we cut back on what we gave, the universe will always have someone step up to the plate to pick up where we left off. This helps us to learn to relax a little and trust that the other person can also do the tasks we gave 100% to.

When we start seeing this person picking up the pieces of what we left behind it helps us to trust a little more and let go of our emotions being stored and waiting to be released. Eventually, things begin coming back into balance and then we can share a little more of ourselves freely, knowing the other person will share as well.

In the meantime, it is essential to keep focused on the positives in the relationships and giving thanks for those. No matter how small or large they are, give thanks for at least 3 things a day that are working in your relationship, and try to find 2 new things a day that is positive about your relationship.

We all bring unique gifts into our relationships, and it is essential to show our love and appreciation for anything our partner brings into the experience in a positive manner. This is especially true when it is a gift we have been seeking to have show up in our lives. Doing so will allow the universe to share more go(o)dness with you.

Relationships also always have a way of reflecting something about ourselves, so be sure to also take responsibility for your part of the equation and what the connection may be teaching you about you. When you get what the universe has been sharing with you through this experience, the shift will have already begun. Go about your days choosing to stay aware, heart-centered and mindful with love, light and appreciation.

As you go about your journey ahead, make sure your new relationships foundations are built stronger, more balanced and healthier from the get-go. And then remember to take steps to keep adjusting as need be all the days of your lives. This will ensure you keep nurturing, evolving and growing together as individuals, and partner or equals in life.

Make today the day you look at the relationships in your life to see where you may need to start digging and looking to rebuild the foundations. Remember you aren’t in this alone! Besides your partner relationships, you have a whole team of spiritual support crew ready to assist you. Call upon them today as you surrender to the power, the will and the love of your soul.

Above all, remember the relationships of your dreams is possible and you are worthy of them. Believe and know you are destined greatness.

I love and appreciate each of you.


Brian D. Calhoun

International Bestselling Author, Psychic-Medium; Book & Publishing Consultant, Spiritual Teacher and Speaker

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