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The Promise of Free Choice

You always are free to be who you wish to be in the world.

You were promised the free will when your soul was created and born into this world. Thus, the power always lies within you to choose whatever your desire in life. You did so knowing there are always consequences to every choice, and it could have ripples of positive, negative or even a mixture of both in your life, and throughout the universe.

You were promised as a soul having a human experience to be given many opportunities to live and choose defines who you are. You knew this meant you were given a clean slate every day to begin anew and choose again until the day you left the body behind.

You knew that your soul was eternal and thus that even leaving the earth plane, you would continue to exist and expand. Knowing this, you knew you were meant to choose to live your greatness always, and in all ways.

You were promised that the universe would grant your wishes. This was something you knew was true because you knew that you were born of the infinite energy and thus had it available at all times. You also knew (but forgot) that your mind would play games with you and make you think otherwise in many ways in your life. You knew that eventually, you would wake up and remember who you were and why you were here. Thus, a part of you was at peace with this all.

You were told the universe would also show you the opposite (and its many other possibilities) of what you are to allow you the opportunity to explore and to gain information to feel your way to the best choice.

You were given the information that the universe will continue to evolve, expand and elevate as you lived life on the earth. You knew that this was true because you are the universe individuated and incarnate in the here and now. And as such, you knew your soul was always evolving, expanding and elevating as you experience life.

A promise was made that you would never be alone on the journey and that the universe would always be there to support you alongside your Angels, Guides and all of Heaven!

You knew that because of free will you had to ask for the divine assistance. You knew Heaven would always answer and help would be freely be granted in a way that served your highest good and was in alignment with the soul contracts of anyone else that was a part of the request. You knew that Heaven always knows best and thus would make sure the call was answered in ways that would best serve all and would be in the highest good for all.

You knew all this and even more.

Today, you are invited to remember and enjoy your ever-expanding possibilities and potential within the game of choice (aka the game of life).

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