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The Family Tree

Like a tree, a family is a living thing.

The tree flourishes and grows in the summer heat, it sheds what is no longer needed in the autumn glory, it endures the rough winter patches, and it lives to grow again in the springtime.

Love is what helps the tree to evolve. Love is the only emotion that is real and true, for love is the root creator of all things.

Make an effort each day to see the many gifts of your family. Each soul is a vital part of your soul evolution and earthly journey. Go within yourself and ask the following questions (about one person or a group of souls):

How does this person serve me? What are they teaching and gifting my life? What are they showing (reflecting) back to me about myself? How are they supporting your soul in its evolution and growth?

The answers could be related to the conscious or unconscious energy within you. So keep an open mind and heart space as you reflect upon the answer that comes forth; this is especially needed when you are asking about a particular soul who has been a challenge to you to co-exist with, inside the family unit.

Frequently, we don’t want to own our energy and see the darkness that lies within and thus resist looking into the mirrors of our life to see what lies under the surface. Make today that you begin to stop the resistance and start allowing the light to shine deeper within. Only when you open up the doors and windows can it begin to touch the space.

Remember, everything in your life is a mirror for you. And like a mirror it is only reflecting what appears before it. It doesn’t judge what it sees. The mirror reveals the inner, outer and within truths that may or may not be hidden to the naked eye. Therefore, the mirror allows you to accept, shift or heal the roots of the physical. This reflective surface allows you to connect deeper to the energy to the soul. The mirror won’t shatter should you choose to ignore or put it aside because of the reflection you are seeing; it holds no power. It is but a reflection that’s all. Walking away won’t change it, but going within, will. The choice is always yours.

See your family like mirrors to your soul, and start to share the loving light brightly with each member. For they are there to support your soul to grow, experience and evolve. When you begin to see that everything is interconnected and one in spirit, you will experience a shift to the next level of living your soulful life. You deserve it, and so do all in your life as co-creative beings of light.

Your soul knows all this and even more. Your soul loves, accepts and appreciates the beauty of everything (and everyone), now is your opportunity to do the same.

I love and appreciate each of you for all you bring into the world as you for we are one.

Blessings, Brian D. Calhoun

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