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Intention is Everything

When it comes to manifesting anything in life, you need to be clear about what you desire. The clearer you are the more successful the outcome.

Is Venice on your bucket list? If not, perhaps you may wish to add this desire!

Today, take the time to think about what it is you wish when it comes to your money and life experiences.

What is it you wish money for? Do you wish for new clothes? A new car? Perhaps, your desire is just to pay your bills or the rent on time in full. Or do you wish to start a foundation to help others? Travel more? The skies the limit when it comes what you may desire, and to this I say dream big! Reach for the heavens and then some.

I also want you to think about why you desire these intentions? What is it you are looking to feel and experience? It is great that you wish to expand your life experiences but why do you wish this? Perhaps you want to feel more alive, free and abundant. Maybe, you want to feel more successful in life and feel wealthy in body, mind, emotions and soul.

To the divine part of you, it really doesn’t matter what you wish money for as long as you hold the intention for the highest good of all. It just wants you to experience your best life! Your heavenly self holds the wish to know where you want it to funnel the energy through for you to evolve as a soul having a human experience.

So take the time today to reflect and create your wish list. After which, surrender and allow heaven to go to work to bring your list and you in alignment and harmony as one. When this happens, your greatest desires will have been fulfilled. In the meantime, continue to create and add to your wish list knowing the universe is moving heaven and earth to make it happen in perfect time and way.

I love and appreciate each of you. Thank you for your time, energy and support. Thank you for being clarity and abundance in action. Thank you for being!


Brian D. Calhoun

PS: If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for upcoming blog posts sure to improve your quality of life financially!

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