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Abundance is Yours to Experience

Despite anything that is unfolding in life, there is more than enough of everything available to you.

Be open, receptive and allow what is already divinely yours in, and you too shall experience it. Whether it is a loving relationship, better health, more money, more friends, or something else, trust that you already have it within you available to you through you. Everything flows to you, through you by you. You are all!

Like someone once said to someone who had given up on finding their ideal romantic relationship: “There is a lid for every pot!” In other words, there is a relationship out there somewhere for you, stay the course and you two shall connect. Think about it, if over a billion people are living on the planet, chances are at least half of them are single and available! There is definitely a lid out there to fit your pot!

Start with becoming the relationships you wish to experience in all areas of life and love yourself! That's where it all begins anyways! What you give out to the world you will experience and receive more of this! So give yourself love, not just the small part of you, but the whole of you! And see a little part of you within all things, and love, love, love!

Give thanks for everything daily, and more good things to be grateful for will have to appear.

We love, appreciate and thank you all! Thank you for being Love in Action!

Blessed be, Brian

PS: Gift Certificates are available for any of my sessions or upcoming workshops. See my website for what is available and connect with me today to get your digital certificate for your family, friends or whomever!

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