Support Systems are Mandatory for Health and Fitness Goals! Explore Yours today!

It is essential to make sure you have a good support group around you. Not everyone will be on the same page with you, and may not even support your weight loss goals at times, especially in the beginning.

As humans, our closest loved ones are sometimes afraid of change and what our weight loss may mean for them. Husbands and wives can sometimes feel threatened by us reducing our waist size. This can be especially true when they have their own insecurities. They may think we will be forcing them to make changes in how they eat or live, and we are going to drop them like a rotten apple once we start feeling better about ourselves and the way we look.

When I first began losing weight, my ex wasn’t supportive at all, they would eat all my favorite foods and such in front of me, and make rude comments, etc... Eventually, as they saw that I was feeling better and was happier for losing weight, they stopped taunting and teasing me. They felt more secure throughout the year when they saw that I had lost the weight & while people were attracted to me, I wasn’t going to leave them.

Thankfully, throughout that time, I had many supportive co-workers, and other friends who kept cheering me on as I began inspiring others to make changes in their own lives.

A buzz was building with people asking how I lost the weight, what I was doing and asking for my recipes and advice. I provided hope for those that had struggled with their weight. I became living proof that if I could lose over 100 lbs within 6 months while not starving myself, and working with food all day long, they too can do it at home. I was working in the restaurant industry at the time, and thus we ended up creating a menu which catered to those following my new eating regime.

You need to have a network of people who are supporting you and your goals in order to be successful. My advice is to be as transparent and authentic as you can with them on your goals and reasons why you are making the changes. It will only lead to them understanding you and being there for you all the more.

Take the time today to talk with your friends, coworkers and especially your family members and let them know how they can help support you. Let them know that by you taking time away from them to focus on your goal will in the long term yield benefits for them as well when you come home happier and with more energy to do things they love. It is essential they know that you want the best for your relationship with them, and it starts with improving your overall quality of health and fitness. Often it is only by making time for you, and showing yourself the love can you be there for others. Then you can truly share the love with them fully. When you feel better and happier, the world does as well.

Opening up to others and sharing the journey allows you not to feel alone, to feel safer and supported along the journey. Gathering a team of people that can help you reach your goals by cheering you on when you have good days. They can help pick you up and remind you of your reasons when you are having a bad day or pushing you out of your patterns of neglect or unhealthy ways. Your team may include your friends, family, local restaurant crew, co-workers, and even a personal trainer, nutritionists, doctors and more. A team will help you be successful beyond the kitchen or gym.

Remember, you don’t need to go it alone. You are living on a planet with billions of people who get where you are at and can help you reach your goals. You just need to remember it is a strength to know when you need help, to reach out and ask for it, and to show your vulnerability as you shred the old layers to embrace the new.

Make today the day you take time to look at what you need to be successful with your health and fitness goals, and who you can invite to be a part of your team, and who else you may need to be successful. Set yourself up for success, and you will win the game! You got this! If I and millions around the world can lose weight, get healthier, and fitter you can as well. And if you falter along the way and have a setback for whatever reason, you can call upon your team to help you find