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Reclaiming Life after Loss

Updated: May 2, 2021

Service is what I am here for. In fact, it is my soul mission to serve the love and light of creation, and this includes you.

Throughout life, we can go through many different forms of high stress, shock, violence, choices or traumas. As we experience these situations, we may fragment from a part of our soul. This, in turn, can cause us to have serious problems with our health, relationships, finances and even in other ways (both big and small). I wrote about this in my latest bestselling book, The Gift Within the Darkness, where I shared about my losses, the grief, and how it transpired in my life through lessons, the reconnection process and more.

The good news is as we heal we begin to reclaim those lost soul pieces, little by little. However, the thing is sometimes we need someone else to help gather pieces, especially those we didn’t even know we lost. When this happens, we may block out specific memories related to the "traumas" we experienced, or also shift our personalities without even realizing it as a way to cope with this loss.

I recently had someone recover a part of my soul, which was missing during a soul retrieval journey. Upon reflection of what she shared of the journey, I realized that I had been missing a sense of celebration of me, and feeling special; much like those who have birthday celebrations in life. For that one moment in time, the world gathers in celebration of you being in their lives and the gift of your birth.

I haven’t felt this for years personally and saddens me a little. While I know that I am special and to be celebrated through life, it wasn’t often there was any mass celebration of me. I always chalked it to the fact that my birthday is a week before Christmas, and that not everyone was available to celebrate my day with being in different locations, the seasonal shopping and/or other stuff on the go.

As a child, it made me feel insignificant and invisible. Often birthday and Christmas gifts got combined, which didn’t help my feeling wanted or even loved. As an adult, I get it, money can be tight with the spending on Christmas gifts, work celebrations, family obligations, and such forth.

The last birthday celebration I had was when I turned 30 (or 31) when I planned my own dinner and gathering. Before that birthdays weren’t really celebrated since I was in the single digits. Sure I had a cake on occasion but there wasn’t really anything special done to honour me. In fact, I can only remember one birthday celebration for me when I was in elementary school; this was the only one I can recall ever truly having in life.

I now realize that somewhere along the way, I lost a part of my soul and the quality of specialness and celebration for me. However, I am hopeful that with this soul recovery, I will begin to feel my specialness and get back to having the world celebrate me once again.

As a trained energy worker, teacher and guide, I am here to let you know that I can track and help you recover and reconnect with your soul. You can begin to heal the ripple effects from the loss(es) in your life as you integrate the quality(s) of the soul fragment(s) retrieved. This can lead to profound healing in surprising ways for you and your life. I can’t say precisely what that will look like for you, but it will be utterly divine that I can share. Every journey is unique and as special as the next, just like you!

My clients this week feel lighter and more connected to the inner sanctuary of their heart and soul. They have had soul retrievals, etheric healing and restructuring, DNA activations, healing sessions, readings and other light work to help them feel lighter, happier, more connected, and move forward towards their dreams. This could be you next! Are you ready? If so, let me ask you, how may I be of service for you today? Reach out today; together, we can tailor the perfect session to help you accomplish your life’s work and soul mission.

I love and appreciate each of you. You are special and uniquely perfect. You are to be celebrated every day of your life. You deserve to feel whole and to feel connected to all you are. Make today the day you take steps to enjoy life to the fullest by allowing the good into your life.


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