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Today is Your Day to be Heard!

Speak up in a way that allows others to hear you!

It is time to speak up for yourself and let your actions speak out for your passions.

Today is the day to be seen, known and recognized for all you bring to the world. It is time for you to become comfortable with intimacy (in-to-me-see) with others and to let the doors fly open. After all, without a way in how can you ever be heard?

Let us join together in prayer:

Dearest Mother/Father Creator,

We come to you to today requesting your ever-present assistance to help us to speak up for ourselves.

Help us to take action each day in a way that allows us to be seen, heard and known for the gifts we bring to the world and to shine light upon our passions.

Gift us with the energy and power of our soul that allows us to open up and share the deepest part of our passions with the world in a way that allows the doors of opportunity to fly open.

Help us to see, hear, feel and know the way to free ourselves from the shadows of others and let our inner light shine brightly in the world.

We know that our light is your light and that together we are one, and thus this light is meant to be of service for the world.

Let us take action steps that are in light with being in service for the world and the light of all.

For this and better, we give our thanks knowing that even before we have finished our prayer, the answer has been granted.

And so it is, so it shall be, it is done, it is done, and it is done.

Thank you.


I love and appreciate each of you.

Thank you for being passion in action.

Thank you for being seen, heard and known for all you bring to the world.


Brian D. Calhoun

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