The Journey to One-derland Continues!

A Health and Fitness Update, but first this needs to be said:

Winter, YOUR FIRED! Pack up and leave now, and don't come back!

Honestly, though, I do love winter. It is great we are getting all this snow for the final weekend of Winterlude and outdoor snow enthusiasts, but even I am so over it this year.

Oh well, on an up note:

My weight is going down (and Indigo, my cat, has gone from fat to fit), and even the apartment has lost some of its denseness! So yay for 2019 being a year about the improvement of our health and fitness! We are well on the way.

The last month has been a bit of a challenge and struggle with the weight and nutrition, and the scale took a hit! But life is about the journey, right? I am sad, I gained 10 pounds, but thankfully I lost 11 lbs. in the last month, so I pretty much broke even. I am appreciative that in the overall picture, my monthly weigh-in numbers were down.

One of the things we often forget is our weight can fluctuate daily, up and down. This is because of the food and liquid weight we ingest, along with the calories and other physiological components intertwined within it all. Normally this fluctuation is within a 3-4 lb. range. Let me remind you, don’t beat yourself up when you see the numbers changing. Just take a breather and do as our GPS systems do, recalculate.

My angels and guides reminded me that If you won’t fight for your health and well-being, who will? They went on to tell me it’s time to make better choices! Yep, time to get off this weight roller coaster, indeed and choose to live life healthier each day forth.

So, I am recalculating and putting into place things to keep me on track and moving forward with getting healthier and fitter. Last time I lost 200 lbs., one of the things I did was create a success journal where I asked myself a series of questions daily so that I could gain insight, heal and shift as required. So I am pulling this out and starting to work with it again.

Good news is I am also working on tailoring the success journal to go with my upcoming book, The Cottage Cheese Effect! This is the book many have been “weighting” for. In fact, it isn’t just one book, it is actually an entire program and a series of books to help your health and fitness game plan! So stay tuned as this will indeed be a life changer for many! It is for me already, and I am still writing it!

This month was a struggle also in other ways as an old leg injury resurfaced as a part of the restructuring of the body and to help express the old energies outwardly, so I am free of this reoccurring issue. One of the things I learned over the last couple of months is that this leg issue is tied to my childhood, and the grief I experienced in a variety of manners.

Out of the deep crevices of my cells, insight came to my conscious awareness that I held a lot of pain in the legs, including rejection, feelings I wasn’t lovable or worth anything, and the fear of rejection, among others.

You see as I child, I internalized a lot of stuff, and all this led to a layer of protection (fat), and the health issues surfacing over the years (a hernia, reoccurring leg injuries, gallstones/gallbladder rupture, pancreatitis, and more). Subconsciously my inner child tied what was happening in my life to my self-worth, and feelings of love. Now, being on my path I know that my self-worth and love has nothing