The Great Bang.....

Updated: May 2

If you ever find yourself triggered in some way, check the ego at the door. Recognize there could be some truth in what is being said and open up to the possibilities for healing and enlightenment.

People can sometimes communicate in a way that will trigger us when sharing their truths. It is not always pretty and can be extremely messy and even misunderstood. But the thing is that many times it is done with the best of intentions and not done intentionally to cause pain. And when Spirit is involved, you can rest assured it is always with a reason!

Let’s face it; the truth often hurts because we don’t want to face it, or even recognize the shadow part of ourselves. But the thing is when we stop to breathe and take a step back to see from another perspective, we often can see things with more clarity and see that it was well-intentioned. You may need a day, a week or even a month to truly process and move into a heart space, and to shift mindsets after being triggered.

I know that I have had my human moments as a soul on the earth. I have my moments of being triggered and not wanting to hear that I was wrong or that there could be another perspective, or what have you. I will say that once you have been triggered, you may not act rationally, as the ego has surely taken over and there lies one of the problems. I have seen this, both with my reactions and when others are as well.

Having had lifetimes where there was judgment and killing for wrong choices and misgivings is a part of what can trigger me. Speaking my truth isn’t easy for me at times due to these and my other past experiences. I have been judged, criticized and even abandoned by family, friends and others throughout life for just being me, for speaking up, for my choices or even being different.

Years ago, I was taken through a life review by my Guides/Angels and Higher Self and saw myself (center stage) sharing my truth, knowing that I was going to be stoned to death. I have seen myself crawl out barely alive, bloodied from ancient gathering places and captured only to be hung on a cross to be crucified and stoned while on the cross for speaking my truth. I also have seen myself hold my head up high and give my persecutors permission to do what they needed to do. I did this while I continued speaking my truth to my last heartbeat and breath.

Having had this life review and seeing the rippling effects of this on my life, and how things ripple out into the lives of others, I do my best to try to come from a good place. I am a soul having a human experience and have made errors along the way, and probably will again. I own my faults. All I can do is forgive myself, and forgive others for the way they react, and do the best to learn from the errors or patterns that show up, and do a better each time coming from the heart.

It isn’t always easy to share my truth; that’s for sure. In fact, in school, I ran the other way from it frequently. And, if I had to do any public speaking, such as oral book reports, or class presentations, you had best had a kiddie pool for me to stand in due to the buckets of sweat that would be pouring down my body. When I first started teaching, I would find myself dripping with the focus on me. Once going through the life review and understanding where this fear of being in the public eye and speaking my truth came from I was able to let much of it go.

Nowadays, I don’t have problems with speaking my truth, but there are times when I tend to hold it within and bite my tongue so not to cause pain to another, especially if I don’t have all the facts. But the truth eventually finds it’s way out, and often sounding harsher or my critical then it was intended to be.

I also know that I am not alone in this. We have all found ourselves in uncomfortable positions at times and hold back our truth from others (for whatever their reasons). I will say it never does a person good to hold it in; it often breeds resentment, anger, frustration and more on unconscious levels or even consciously (at times).

Holding your thoughts and feelings within is like a ticking bomb just waiting to go off. And, boy when it does, you can be certain you will wish you had said it sooner, and more gently. You won’t regret what you shared; after all, it was your truth and perhaps the truth the other needed to hear, but you will certainly wish it came out differently. Yes, you may be able to ask forgiveness and get it; other times, you may ask, but you have triggered old wounds that have not fully healed in another yet. Trust me on that having experienced it myself many times throu