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Soul Roles and the Grand Design

Updated: May 2, 2021

Many moons ago, Spirit shared with me about how our Souls and Soul contracts play a role in the bigger picture, and it was an interesting take at the time. Today, I am going to share a snip of that conversation with you.

We are Divine (GOD) energy individualized as Souls who choose to incarnate on the Earth to experience, evolve and expand. We decide to come here without our full memories while having access to the divine spark within, which would facilitate our Re-Membering of our complete being in time. I will now share here, Re-Membering is much more than just about our memories; it is about a reconnection with our whole self, including our divine consciousness, gifts, life path abilities, and so much more.

As Souls, we first choose a team to Guide and Support us along the way and to watch over to keep us on our paths, safe and secure at all times. We will call these our Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides, but there are others who I will share about later on. I liken our complete team to managing Board members, where we are the CEO of the company.

Together, we choose our Soul mission, life purpose, and the other Souls who will play various roles in our life, including our family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and many, many more. We would choose Souls who will play the instigators, bullies, victims, rescuers and other roles in our life.

Along the way, we set up spiritual contracts with each of these Souls, which dictate the main lessons, experiences and relevant information related to the fulfillment of these contracts. We leave lots of room for these agreements to play out in the physical realm based on choices, actions and more unfolding along the journey. Like all contracts, there are wins for all involved. No agreement has any losers as everyone enters in willingly and knowing the potential experiences which may unfold.

The Souls all-knowing are unaware of the ripples of their agreement to have an emotional and mental component to it and other aspects of the physical world. They are aware there will be challenges living as a physical being, but they could never fully imagine as Souls having a human experience. These challenges are one of the reasons. Souls choose to incarnate.

However, Divinity said it wouldn’t be all fun and games, and there will be some Souls who will need to play the “bad” guys of the world.

These bad guys would be the Hitlers, Saddams, Genghis Khans, Ivan the terrible and other leaders of dread and death. These Souls would incarnate with a purpose so dark they would never remember their true nature or ignite the Light within all cells of their being. However, these Souls would awaken and gain access to their truth and Light once returning home to Spirit.

The love all Souls are comprised of will remain consistent and ever-growing for all of eternity. The Souls, filled with the knowledge that it was not an easy path ahead, agreed out of love to step up and play these roles on the Earth. They were told they would always have free will and the choice to drop out of the mission. Yet love excited them for the challenges and experiences that laid ahead.

The journey began with choosing a team to accompany them along the journey, spiritually and then physically. Each board member had to carry the Light that was to be hidden deep within the spark within the dark Soul; this was so that at any point step back from the mission if they choose to, activating the backup plan with other Souls taking over the task started.

Next up were the Souls who would play other roles for the mission, including the “victims” and their families, friends, etc. Each contract was created and woven into the grand design and big picture along the way. There would be ripples of this all to be experienced across dimensions and timeframes. The Souls would not know how this would transpire. Much of this would have unfolded long after the missions were done and physical death occurred.

Souls are only privy to a portion of the bigger picture when they are in the physical world; it is much too grand to comprehend during their physical lifetime. However, once they transition from the Earth and return home, they become conscious of the entire unfolding, including the ripples of each choice and action they made. This includes how others were made to feel, including the choices and actions these Souls made tied to their contracts.

Imagine having to play a role where you are disliked or hated because of who you became in the physical world. Thankfully, Divinity and the Soul in Spirit understand and stay true to the love within the Light. The Souls who played roles all remain in love and have great respect for the Soul who stepped up and answered the call put out by the Divine to experience a part of itself never before available.

Like some Souls answered the call to play a role for the Dark, some Souls answered the call to play a role for the Light.

The Souls who were playing for the Light would be granted to power to see past the illusion and know the “Dark Soul” as the Light within. They would be all-loving, compassionate and forgiving of these souls for the journey they played, even though they may have also been deeply affected by the mission of the dark ones. They may not always see eye-to-eye with the choices or actions, but they held unto the memories of the Divine plan and thus knew there was a reason for it all. They also knew they were on a need-to-know basis, and they weren’t going to privy to the whole plan in play while in physical form.

They, too, would be misunderstood and need to stay strong along the journey. Many may wish to persecute these Souls for seemingly “taking sides” with the Dark and carrying so much Light. Many would not be doing this consciously to the Light Souls who knew the truth of these situations. Many people fear what they do not fully understand. Therefore, the Light ones would carry the spark of the Divine to awaken others along the way as needed. Helping to bring balance to the world so that it would not be eradicated before the Grand plan was completed.

The Light Souls knew their mission was to spread Love and Light and thus set off to fulfill their purpose. When they would encounter experiences where it appeared the world was so dark, they would call upon their Divine Counsels and Members to support them on their journey. They would hold true to the Light no matter what course human nature showed up along the way, forgiving as needed.

Their mission was to fulfill the obligations they outlined in the sacred contracts with the Divine, just like the Dark Souls’ mission was to execute their holy agreements. The call (of all) was to heed the call of their hearts and ensure they were in the right place at the right time to fulfill their mission and duty as set forth before they incarnated. In this way, they were sure to be meeting the right Souls along the way, saying and doing everything exactly as Divinity planned when creating the realm of the physical.

Support would be needed for both sides and thus a call for Souls to play a neutral role. These souls could easily move back and forth as necessary, with equal parts of Light and Dark carried within.

I liken these beings much like a Yin/Yang, bringing balance to the divine plan. They would hold equal power and abilities to awaken the world along the way. Igniting the Divine spark within the sleeping would be one way to revive the Light within, and triggering the darkness within an experience to be a catalyst for healing and enlightenment in other ways.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes it is in the greatest fight of your life you find yourself and your strength? This is just one of the gifts of the neutral role laying out in the world at large.

Think about how many people seemingly find their life purpose after a loss (a person, health, job, or something else). In the darkest hours, the Light within is touched by an Earth Angel (neutral), and the Re-Membering process of who they are, why they are here, and so much more begins. The gift of the Dark is it helps you to remember your Light. Through this, you begin to recognize the divine power and essence of love carried within.

As this happens, the opportunity to remember your sacred contracts and the role you play in the grand design begins to present itself to you. It is here that some of the Souls who were to play a role for the Dark awaken. The same is true choosing a role for the Light or choosing to remain neutral in their roles.

For those awakening to the mission for the Dark side, they will often seemingly go Dark after living a decent and good life for the most part.

These Souls' choices can be concerning for their loved ones who can’t understand why their loved one has chosen a dark path filled with hatred, destruction and other “vial” experiences. Sometimes, it is even a mystery to those awakening to this path; after all, who would ever choose this role in their “right mind”? But rest assured, the reason lies within their sacred contracts and connected with the grand plan. A level of trust and faith in the bigger picture is needed here.

These Souls are not lost; I can promise you that. It may look like they are, but Divinity is working its magic here. Some of the Souls playing a role for Team Dark are only temporary players and are neutral players. After their contracts finish, they will return home to their family and friends here on the Earth or Heaven, whichever way the Divine Plan dictates it to be. We will all understand the whole plan once we go through the tunnel home and undergo the life review on the other side.

Often the souls found in the neutral role, playing temporarily for the Dark, are the souls who perpetrate a severe crime against another (or even multiple people) but end up regretting and making amends to the person and/or families involved. These are the Souls who travel easily between worlds. Some of these souls are possessed or step out of their bodies temporarily to commit the crimes.

Sometimes, the roles reverse where the seemingly Dark Soul awakens to the Light. When this happens, many loved ones are happy for the change but often wonder what is really going on. They wonder if and when the other shoe will drop and the Soul will return to their old ways.

There is often a karmic balancing of contracts playing out, and many times the Soul has completed their dark work and can work for the Light permanently. When this happens, these souls often repent and begin to make amends for their destructive ways of the past. They may end up enrolling in the priesthood or some other drastic change in honour to apologize and heal their wounds of the past. They begin to live a life of service and are asking for a second chance.

These Souls’ hearts carry regret and sadness at their past actions. Upset with themselves, they often will find themselves feeling unworthy of another’s forgiveness. Eventually, they will realize forgiveness starts with forgiving themselves for the errors of having a human experience. Until this happens, even when others offer them forgiveness, a part of them will never truly feel forgiven.

Everyone deserves a second chance no matter what Soul roles they have played and the errors that have plagued the human journey. The Soul knows everything is in divine and perfect order with the sacred contracts and bigger picture always. The Soul knows the Creator has created them in its likeness to experience the physical nature of existence and thus relaxes in the energy fields like salt in water.

The human journey is never an easy one. When the human part of our Soul begins to wake up, it begins to see everything as interconnected and one and that every Soul has a place in existence with roles that are perfect in every way. With this, love begins to expand, and compassion grows with a deeper understanding of what has and is unfolding, even if it is unconscious or superconscious. After all, the Soul knows that there is much more at play in the Universe than could ever be understood. At least on the physical planes of existence.

Whether the Soul plays a role for the Light, Dark or staying neutral, one thing is for sure deep within is a burning ember of Light made of LOVE. Make a shift to see this spark of Light within creation. When perspectives open and expand, one begins to show a little empathy for the Soul having a Human experience and their roles in the contracts in the Fabric of Creation.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter from one of my upcoming book. I would love to hear about your experience reading this information Spirit shared. Message me through Social Media, and don't forget to click the heart button on my blog page for this share.

I love and appreciate each of you. Thank you for being love in action daily, and doing your part to spread a little light in the world that can seem dark for so many at times.


Brian D. Calhoun

Copyright 2021 - All Rights Reserved

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