Soul Roles and the Grand Design

Updated: May 3

Many moons ago, Spirit shared with me about how our Souls and Soul contracts play a role in the bigger picture, and it was an interesting take at the time. Today, I am going to share a snip of that conversation with you.

We are Divine (GOD) energy individualized as Souls who choose to incarnate on the Earth to experience, evolve and expand. We decide to come here without our full memories while having access to the divine spark within, which would facilitate our Re-Membering of our complete being in time. I will now share here, Re-Membering is much more than just about our memories; it is about a reconnection with our whole self, including our divine consciousness, gifts, life path abilities, and so much more.

As Souls, we first choose a team to Guide and Support us along the way and to watch over to keep us on our paths, safe and secure at all times. We will call these our Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides, but there are others who I will share about later on. I liken our complete team to managing Board members, where we are the CEO of the company.

Together, we choose our Soul mission, life purpose, and the other Souls who will play various roles in our life, including our family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and many, many more. We would choose Souls who will play the instigators, bullies, victims, rescuers and other roles in our life.

Along the way, we set up spiritual contracts with each of these Souls, which dictate the main lessons, experiences and relevant information related to the fulfillment of these contracts. We leave lots of room for these agreements to play out in the physical realm based on choices, actions and more unfolding along the journey. Like all contracts, there are wins for all involved. No agreement has any losers as everyone enters in willingly and knowing the potential experiences which may unfold.

The Souls all-knowing are unaware of the ripples of their agreement to have an emotional and mental component to it and other aspects of the physical world. They are aware there will be challenges living as a physical being, but they could never fully imagine as Souls having a human experience. These challenges are one of the reasons. Souls choose to incarnate.

However, Divinity said it wouldn’t be all fun and games, and there will be some Souls who will need to play the “bad” guys of the world.

These bad guys would be the Hitlers, Saddams, Genghis Khans, Ivan the terrible and other leaders of dread and death. These Souls would incarnate with a purpose so dark they would never remember their true nature or ignite the Light within all cells of their being. However, these Souls would awaken and gain access to their truth and Light once returning home to Spirit.

The love all Souls are comprised of will remain consistent and ever-growing for all of eternity. The Souls, filled with the knowledge that it was not an easy path ahead, agreed out of love to step up and play these roles on the Earth. They were told they would always have free will and the choice to drop out of the mission. Yet love excited them for the challenges and experiences that laid ahead.

The journey began with choosing a team to accompany them along the journey, spiritually and then physically. Each board member had to carry the Light that was to be hidden deep within the spark within the dark Soul; this was so that at any point step back from the mission if they choose to, activating the backup plan with other Souls taking over the task started.

Next up were the Souls who would play other roles for the mission, including the “victims” and their families, friends, etc. Each contract was created and woven into the grand design and big picture along the way. There would be ripples of this all to be experienced across dimensions and timeframes. The Souls would not know how this would transpire. Much of this would have unfolded long after the missions were done and physical death occurred.