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Love in Action

Life happens daily and yet every day holds an opportunity to bless the world in amazing ways. The essence of your soul desires to do good in every moment of life; it wishes to serve and help the world evolve. One of the ways you can do this is by doing random acts of kindness (R.A.K.).

R.A.K. inspires and shifts the world in ways that live on long after the deed is done. Acts done from a place of love show the world how generous you are and teach others to live a life of gratitude, compassion, love and unity. R.A.K. opens people up to the infinite possibility that we always have a choice in how to experience life and there is always something we can share with another.

Small acts of kindness have a significant impact on the evolution of the soul, as well as the world at large. Giving without expectation impacts us profoundly in ways that words cannot express; it affects us more than you ever think. Not only that, it changes others vibrations when they see others doing good deeds.

Some benefits of R.A.K.: releases our body’s natural feel-good chemicals; alleviates anxiety; shifts pain to peace; helps decrease blood pressure, and increases happiness. There are so many more benefits to be had so include random acts of kindness as your daily mantra and healthy habit in your life.

Your simple smile, hug, compliment, listening to a stranger, volunteering or even donation of resources, support or supply to another can literally save a life! You never know what someone is going through at any moment, and these simple gifts can light up a life when all it sees is darkness.

The world can use a little more light, don’t you think? Make today, you shine yours brightly in all you choose to say, do and experience.

It is indeed the soul’s will to love, to do good and thrive (and live a life filled with vitality). When you are in service, you are allowing your soul and yourself to evolve beautifully, and helping the world consciousness shift upwards as well. R.A.K. shifts the world’s energy the more we step out and share with others.

So, instead of just saying you are a generous person, why not show the world you are through your random acts of good deeds.

In the meantime, i love and appreciate each of you. I would to hear how you share love in the world each day! Post your random acts of kindness to inspire others on their journey below.


Brian D. Calhoun

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