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Awaken to Your Divine Potential

You deserve to enjoy life at it's fullest. Open your arms wide to awaken to your divine potential now!

Take time each day to tune into your soul through your personal meditative practice. By doing so, you allow yourself an opportunity to connect and awaken a part of your soul that awaits this moment. It is here that your divine potential begins to reveal itself to your consciousness. When this happens, you can start to take action steps to realize your full potential each day.

Let us now join in prayer:

Dearest Mother/Father God,

We come to you today to ask for your divine assistance in awakening to our full potential.

Help us to see, hear, feel and know our true nature and potential for this life, and to take guided action steps each day.

Bless us with the time, energy, resources and support to make the changes where required and to fulfill our mission of realizing our full potential today and every day.

Aid us in connecting and experiencing our soul fully today, and to awaken to the wisdom of our many lifetimes of experiences now. Though this awakening we can move forward expanding and evolving as a soul having a human experience.

Help us to be strong, courageous and confident as we move forward into our full power now. Let the love within our heart expand and fill our entire being across all of time and space, and to bless those we encounter in beautiful ways.

We know that our power is centered in love and light. We hereby willingly allow the energy of our soul to shine and lead the way, as we ask for your assistance with this always.

We come to you knowing that our consciousness is your consciousness and that we are one with the very eternal essence of creation.

We thank you for helping us to tune in daily to our soul to allow it to reveal the next steps of the journey you desire for us. We know the answer to our prayers has already been granted and thus we surrender.

We thank you for all this and even better. And so it is.


I love and appreciate each of you. Thank you for being your divine potential in action each day. Thank you for your blessed support.


Brian D. Calhoun

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