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Accept Uncertainty and Live NOW!

Every day, we always have a choice to be at peace and let the future be (whatever it is to be)! However, many times the human in us struggles with the day to day tasks or lives a life that is filled with suffering and hardships in many ways.

When one remembers that these are the products of the ego and have connections rooted past experiences and/or the fear of the future one eases back into the present. By learning to place on attention on the here and now, we begin living from the soul knowing everything is unfolding as it is destined to be.

Today, practice living in the moment and accepting what is here and now. Let the past be the history it is and allow the future to be whatever it shall be. Just know all is well and will work out in your favor always.

I love and appreciate you all. Let us join in prayer on this subject today:

Mother/Father God, Angels and our Heavenly Support Crew

We come to you at this moment with our fears, struggles, pain, hardships and suffering which stems from uncertainty and all that lies within the unknown.

We know that the soul within you has a divine plan and is watching over us. However, our mind and heart keep repeating the fears of yesterday, our past experiences and the worst case scenarios consistently.

Give us the strength and courage to accept the things that we can not change, to let go to love and to live in the now

Please help us to surrender to the power, the will and the wholeness of our soul knowing all will be okay and work out in our favor. We at this moment soulfully reconnect to that which we are as you God here and now. We thank you for helping us to be present in the eternal moment of now and the energy of our soul.

Please keep our minds and heart-centered in divine love and light at all times, so that we can enjoy the peace that comes from remembering the truth of our soul and the reality that we are a soul having a human experience, and all is well.

For this and even better, according to divine will within, we thank you. And so it is, so it shall be, it is done. Amen.


Brian D. Calhoun

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