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A Soulful Journey

Sending love to all the world. After all, everyone deserves a little light and love!

Love is the transformer, the transformed and the transition. Through love, all is possible after all is the source of creation.

Life is precious, and whether you are close to those in your life or not, make an effort to love them fully. Be kind, generous, loving, supportive and appreciative of the gifts they bring into your life, whether you see them as possible or negative.

Everyone deserves to be loved, even those that may have abandoned, disowned or ignored you, and trespassed against you in some manner. Everyone is a part of your earth experience for a more significant reason than you may know now. They may have helped to shape you to become the person you are, inspired you to make different choices, or gave you a gift in another way.

In fact, some of the greatest teachers can be the ones that provoke you in the most significant ways, including even causing you pain somehow.

As a soul having a human experience, you choose them (spiritually) to play the various roles in your life to help you evolve and expand. You may or may not remember why you asked them to be a part of your experience or life lessons. But you can rest assured before incarnating on the earth, you did.

Today, take a moment to bless your teachers, sending love and gratitude for fulfilling the soul contracts, for the gifts and blessings they granted you in your life. Everyone is always doing the best they can, given where they are in their mind and heart space. Send this love and gratitude knowing that as you do so, all will be blessed.

Take a moment to apologize for your part of the story that played out that may have not come from the purest place of love and heart. Ask for their forgiveness for any pain, suffering or anything that was inflicted upon them without your conscious awareness or intention to do so. As you ask for forgiveness, you will also be forgiven, and healing can then begin. Knowing that you may have had an ego moment, breathe and forgive yourself, as well.

It is also important to know that just because someone may not be living anymore, you can still grant them the freedom which comes with love, forgiveness and gratitude. In fact, sometimes the most significant transformation in a relationship comes after they have transitioned to spirit. This is because you begin to see the gifts they blessed you in your life and you are no longer triggering each other.

Today, take a moment to invite those in spirit to sit with you so you can have a spiritual conversation with them. Then take a moment to say everything you wished you would have said when they were alive, and go through the steps above granting love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Take as much time as you need. Know as you are communicating with spirit, their soul will be responding to you on another level you may or may not be aware of, and that’s okay. Your soul will be hearing and receiving the energy directed to you by them.

Once you have communicated what you needed to, repeat the following line: I freely and willingly let you go, so you can soulfully evolve to the next level of your journey in love and light.

In conclusion, let us invite you to take a moment to reflect upon your greatest teachers in life.

What lessons you were learning through them? What did they teach you about yourself? How can you love and appreciate them further as a soul?

Now understanding that you each played a role in both sides of the story, are you willing to forgive them? Are you willing to let go of what never longer serves you so that you can both move up the ladder of evolution and love? You definitely deserve it, and so do they. When you transition back to spirit, you will understand this and the bigger picture further greater than you could ever imagine. So make today the day you love yourself to set yourself free.

What can you appreciate about yourself and the teachers in your life? How can you step out into the world and emulate the energy of love, light and appreciation for the gifts they are granted you. Now go out and do so, the world needs you at your best shining your love and light in ways which bless it further.

Thank you for being love in action, and thank you for being one of the gifts in my life, a friend, confidant, student, client and a teacher of sorts in your own right. I love and appreciate each of you. Please accept my apologies for any life lessons we experienced throughout the journey of our souls.


Brian D. Calhoun

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