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2019: A Year of Improving Health and Fitness

A month ago I shared on Facebook the Angel’s message that 2019 would be about improving the health and fitness across all areas of your life. Today, I wanted to check in to see how that has been going for you and give you an update on my own journey.

When you set a goal, the universe will line things up to help succeed with your focus. Sometimes, it will first ask you if you really want to go for this goal by showing you the opposite to see if you will let something stop you from starting to move up the ladder of success. Here within lies an opportunity for you to dig deep to find a reason that is stronger than anything life can throw at you; something more significant than any excuse you could come up with.

Once you have your reason write it out and post it where you will see it daily to remind you and keep you motivated throughout your days (especially those tougher ones). If your reason isn’t keeping you inspired and going, then you haven’t found a reason big enough yet. Dig deeper to discover your why!

Let me ask you, what is your reason for wanting to improve your health and fitness across the board of your life?

For me, my reason included knowing that I need to walk my talk for my upcoming new book and that my path includes being an inspiration and guide for others, I needed to be in fit shape. Not only that, I need to feel comfortable and happy in my own skin and clothes. I know that my weight has been a protector and a way to keep others at bay so that I didn’t get hurt again.

As a child, my parents divorcing when I was an infant, and the deaths that happened throughout those early years led me to have a subconscious belief that I was unlovable and unworthy of having people in my life. It was this that led me into the stashes of sugar and other unhealthy foods in life.

It was only recently when I was focusing on my breathing that I was able to silence the conscious mind to allow the body to speak to me. Here it revealed that some of my reoccurring leg issues were tied to these experiences and I was holding grief in my legs.

Not just my grief, but as an empath I absorbed and took on the energy of others. Therefore, whenever I would take steps to improve my overall health and fitness and move forward, a part of me would trigger a life experience to cause an injury.

The breathing exercise was cathartic and caused an outpouring of emotion with tears to unfold. I started to see the connecting dots and how I was rejecting my good all because I was living in fear of being hurt or left behind by others once again. I took the time to write about the experience at the time. You will be able to read more about that in an upcoming blog post and in my forthcoming book, The Cottage Cheese Effect. So be sure to follow my website blog to keep up to date.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the good news my health and fitness in on the rise, and the pounds of rejection and shame are melting away!

The angels have been helping me to clear the clutter and to get my apartment into shape! This has translated me into moving more. Yes, housework is exercise! Especially when you are going up and down stairs to wash all your clothes that have been collecting dust over the years of non-use. Add washing walls, vacuuming radiators, and getting into all the nooks and crannies and you have a full fletch workout with a pool of sweat left behind!

All this translates into 32 pounds lost since Nov. 10, 2018! Or 14.8% of the total weight I am reducing to get back to my healthy fit body! So needless to say, I am delighted! It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows though as I have bounced a little up and then down along the way. But that’s okay, I am staying focused on the end result and for the most part sugar hasn’t been a part of my eating regime, other than sugar in actual fruit. I focused on increasing my healthy foods, and the rest is naturally fading into the background. And well if I have a moment, I don’t beat myself up about it. I forgive myself and refocus.

My reason is much bigger than seeing a lower number on the scale. Though it is definitely encouraging to see the proof that something is happening, especially when your clothes aren’t necessarily showing the shift yet! But good news on that front as well, I am beginning to feel a difference with a few wearables! YAY!!!!!!

Anyways, how are you doing with your own personal health and fitness goals? I look forward to hearing about your journey. We are all in this together after all. It is one of the reasons I am holding myself accountable by sharing my numbers and more here with you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this longer posting. I hope that you found inspiration through it.

I love and appreciate each of you. Thank you for being health and fitness in action. Thank you for being love in action.


Brian D. Calhoun

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